How is adapting to Covid-19

Acid Nova works with a fulfilment partner to print and ship orders. I'm monitoring the latest updates for what’s going on.

The fulfilment partner I use is still operating and I'm continuing to accept orders.

The global social distancing measures are affecting store which means order fulfilment and shipping is taking more time than usual but your order will reach you.

Update: 20 May 2019

Printing on fabrics are taking a lot longer than the expected increased estimates for shipping during the coronavirus pandemic. This effects T-shirts, Tote Bags, and Pillow Cases. The fulfilment teams are working hard through a backlog of orders and increasing their fulfilment rate slowly, but it's just going to take time before fulfilment times improve. If you decide to purchase one of these items, be prepared to wait a couple of weeks, but your order will reach you. I'm sorry it will take so long and I appreciate you still ordering from my shop.

Prints and Stickers are taking around the 2-3 days expected at this time, then they are shipped to you, which may be an additional 2-3 days due to globally reduced shipping services.

Changes are coming

Bit by bit I am changing my suppliers which means I can reduce shipping time and offer free postage. Keep an eye out on my social channels for updates, I'll be shouting about this when they're ready on the store.

Thank you for your patience and for shopping in my store. Your support means a lot to, especially during this time. Stay safe, wash your hands, stay home.