Why is my shipping so high?

  • Certain items are shipped separately due to packaging and so have their own shipping costs.
  • I want to keep shipping as affordable as possible so I have tried to select products that don't charge separate shipping, however for some things this is unavoidable due to the packaging; For example if you purchase a Print along side other items this will increase your overall shipping cost as Prints are shipped separately.

    Do all items ship together?

    • There are some products that ship separately due to packaging differences. These products are: mugs, framed posters, posters, canvas, stickers, jewellery, bean bags, backpacks, pillows with stuffing, snapback hats. 
    • Some things I stock myself and some things are fulfilled by a provider, so you might get your order in separate packages. I don't charge for postage on the items I stock.

    Do you offer Free Shipping?

    • Orders of £100 or more benefit from free shipping.
    • Check individual listings for free shipping on selected items!

      How do you fulfil orders?

      • I am currently using a mix of Print on Demand and also fulfilling some prints myself.
      • The pros of this for a small independent artist starting out are minimal upfront costs and I don't need to worry about where to store stock. I am a bit of a nomad at the moment! The cons mean this is a less personal service for me. What I'd like to do is fulfil orders personally for everyone, give lil freebies, reduce shipping costs/offer free shipping, offer deals & discounts, and be in control of the whole service. While I am starting out this allows me to keep start-up costs low and see what you really want!
      • I appreciate any support you give me early on means I'll be able to slowly move away from Print on Demand. I am already lining up suppliers for some unique and exiting things!

      Do you offer refunds?

      • Refunds offered for faulty items only. If you're buying clothes make sure you select the right size as suppliers cannot exchange or refund. See the Refund Policy for more detailed information.

      Something on your shop isn't working!

      • Oops! Sorry about that. Please let me know what you were doing at the time and send any screen shots of the error to help@acidnova.com or message me on instagram and I'll do my best to fix it for you as quickly as possible!

      Can you print one of your designs on something not currently listed?

      • Probably! Ask me and I'll see if I can make it happen for you! 
      • Checkout my Commissions page if you want something uniquely yours.
      • Email me nova@acidnova.com or you can pop me a message on Instagram anytime! I really love hearing ideas for new designs!

      What's in store for the future?

      • I have suppliers scoped out for things like enamel pins, eco-friendly merch, popping lil freebies in with your orders, ordering limited runs of unique treats. The support you give me now means I can plan for more in the future. In the mean time watch out on Instagram for updates! Thank you so much for supporting me at the beginning of this journey :)